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Rejection Rate: 98%
Lag Time (average) to First Decision: n/a
Lag Time (average) on All Decisions: n/a

- Data are for the last 12 months of editorial activity.


Submission Guidelines

To submit a manuscript or invited resubmission to be considered for publication, fill out the form below and submit the information when completed. The last name and first name entered below should be those of the primary/contact author. [Note: The document being uploaded must not be open on your local computer.]

The file should be named with the author's first initial(s) and lastname (e.g. JDLastname.rtf) and should adhere to the journal's guidelines in all respects, including file type format. Acceptable formats include Portable Document Format (.pdf), Rich Text Format (.rtf), LaTeX Format (.tex), and Microsoft Word Format (.doc).

The manuscript file should contain all figures. Please do not submit figure files separately from the manuscript itself. To view the full description of the journal's submission guidelines, visit:

Anonymous review is optional. Please click the Yes button under Request Anonymous Review if you would not like your identity revealed to reviewers. Make sure your manuscript does not contain any author-identifying information before you submit it.

Authors whose abstracts contain special characters such as subscripts, superscripts, and Greek letters are asked to format their abstracts according to the following instructions:
  • Subscripts and superscripts should be presented inline side-by-side with regular text. For example "Yi" should be formatted as "Yi."
  • Greek letters should be spelled out. For example, a should be written as "alpha."

Authors should note that these two steps apply only to the version of the abstract to be pasted in the text box. These steps are not necessary for the version of the abstract contained in the submitted manuscript, because the manuscript will be uploaded in its own file format.

Should you have additional questions regarding electronic submission, please contact the Psychological Methods editorial office at

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Submission Cover Letter:
Your cover letter MUST include the name, affiliation, and e-mail address of EVERY author on your manuscript. Failure to do so could result in a delay in the review process for your submission.

Grant Information

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