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Rejection Rate: 65%
Lag Time (average) to First Decision: 43 days
Lag Time (average) on All Decisions: 33 days

- Data for the editors and incoming editors are combined in order to reflect activity for the journal as a whole.
- Data are for the last 12 months of editorial activity.


To submit a manuscript to be considered for publication, fill out the form below and submit the information when completed. The last name and first name entered below should be those of the primary/contact author. The file should be named with the author's first initial(s) and lastname (e.g. JDLastname.rtf) and should adhere to the journal's guidelines in all respects, including file type format. If you are submitting multiple documents (such as a revision and a cover letter outlining how you have responded to the referees), please submit the documents in a single compressed file (zip or tar.gz format).

In order to permit anonymous review, all author's names, their affiliations, and contact information should be removed from the manuscript itself and included in the letter.

Note: The document being uploaded must not be open on your local computer.

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